Top Gun Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers.  Something you don't see here?  Ask it by sending mail to [john AT jbwei DOT com].

Q1:  What is a "Top Gun" party?
A1:  The Top Gun Party is a house party hosted by John Wei, Maria Marshall, Christine Hodgson and Jason Fleischauer.  It's a private party hosted at our house, but party is a "Top Gun" theme.  That means the house drinks and specialty shots will match the theme, the party decorations will match the theme, the music will match the theme, and people who come dressed in theme will get special prizes.

Q2:  Do I have to dress up for the party?
A2:  No, of course not.  Come dressed however you're comfortable, but those who do come dressed in theme will score party favors and extra raffle tickets.

Q3:  I hear there are raffle tickets, what are those for?
A3:  All of our guests will receive raffle tickets that will be good for the door prize drawings at the end of the night.  You can earn extra raffle tickets by dressing in theme or bringing beverages to share.

Q4:  Do I have to bring anything?
A4:  No, of course not.  We'll provide drinks and snacks for everyone.  But as we know there are people who like to bring things to parties, there's a list on the evite of things to bring so that we don't get too many of one thing.  And for our friends who bring things to share, we'll thank them with extra raffle tickets and party favors.

Q5:  I want to dress up, but can't think of any ideas.  Do you have any suggestions?
A5:  There is a movie stills page on the webpage with images of every major character in the movie to give you some ideas.  Any military themed costume would work, the Halloween stores should have tons of these in surplus on sale after the holiday.  Check out the military surplus stores in the area.  Something as simple as a bomber jacket and aviators would work just fine.

Q6:  Why does the party start so early?
A6:  We live in a relatively quiet neighborhood, so we're aiming to start the party early just in case we have to end it early.  We'll have some snacks for those who are hungry, and party favors are first come, first served, while supplies last.

Q7:  We want to get trashed, what's the nearest cab company?
A7:  We want all of our friends to have a good time, but we also want everybody to be safe.  Yellow Cab is at 408-745-1234.  The nearest major intersection to the house is at Lawrence Expressway and Bollinger Avenue, just south of I-280.  However, the house is still two streets off of Bollinger, so you might have to bring directions for the cabbie to find the house.

Q8:  I hear the movie will be playing in digital projection.  What does that mean?
A8:  The Top Gun Party will have the latest in cutting edge technology to power the party entertainment.  Top Gun the movie will be playing throughout the night in digital high definition on the big screen for your enjoyment.  Come and relive 1986.

Q9:  I hear there's an ice luge.  What's that?
A9:  An ice luge is a channel or tube that's been carved through a block of ice to enable alcohol shots to be poured through it.  This super chills the alcohol while it's being poured and provides a fun and entertaining way to do shots.  The Top Gun Party will have a custom ice luge at the party like you've never seen before.